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Kindergarten Classroom

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What Happens If I'm Late Picking Up My Child?

Unless there are extreme circumstances, a late fee will be charged to provide staff coverage after hours.

How Would You Discipline My Child?

Each parent receives a copy of our discipline policy to read and sign. There is no physical punishment, as we utilize the timeout method.

What If A Stranger Or Unauthorized Person Attempts To Pick Up My Child From The Center?

Extreme attention is paid to those who visit the Center, for whatever reason. In order to pick up a child from the Center, an adult's name must be included on the child's enrollment form as a pick-up person. If not, the parent is called for verification and a picture ID is required.

Does The Staff Know First Aid Or Emergency Procedures?

Yes. Each and every staff member is required to receive training in both First Aid and CPR.

Will My Child Be Adequately Supervised?

Yes, Head of The Class requires that at least two staff members be in each room at all times to assure safety and learning. In most classrooms, three staff members are present.

Will My Child Be Prepared For Kindergarten?

Without a doubt. Head of The Class has a positive reputation with local school districts. Our children annually receive high Preschool testing marks, which indicate their readiness to compete in Kindergarten classrooms. Head of the Class Preschool graduation is held the fourth Thursday in May of each year and includes above average graduation numbers.

Will I Have An Opportunity To Take Part In My Child's Educational Preparation?

Yes. Head of The Class makes it possible for parents to attend at least two parent meetings per school year to review student progress.

Does Your Preschool Use A Certified Curriculum?

Yes. Head of The Class staff and administrators are highly trained in the Core Knowledge Curriculum. It is one of the strongest programs, nationwide.

Will My Child Receive Training From Qualified Staff?

Yes. Head of The Class requires that all staff members receive at least 30 hours of training per year. All preschool lead teachers are required to have college degrees.

Will My Child Receive Nutritious Meals?

Yes. Head of The Class participates in the Federal Nutritional Program, which assures that children are provided breakfast, lunch and snacks. The menu offers a variety of foods and menus to make certain that each and every child's appetite is satisfied.

Will My Child Be Exposed To Adequate Exercise And Recreation?

Yes. Children are required (weather permitting) to have outdoor physical activity, at least, two times per day. If the weather does not permit, children will have an indoor activity.

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